Protecting Your Invention With A Patent Or Trademark

How to Find A Good Patent Protection Attorney


Just as you may not want to start looking through a phone book to pick the first doctor you find, you need to put a bit more effort into your search for a patent protection attorney. Even though you can do a search on the major online search engines, there are some elements that will not come through in your search.

After you know what it is you are looking for, you can look to a reliable directory to get some names and contact information for patent attorneys in and around your local area. Once you have this list, you can then do a more involved search on Google to learn all about their practice, how long they have been working on patent law, and even take a peek at some of their reviews and customer testimonials. Next, you can always contact the Bar Association for your state so that you can ask whether or not the different attorneys you are considering are in good standing, while also confirming the background they have listed.

After your research is done and you have reached out to their offices for an interview, you can think about some of the questions that are important to get answers to. This will be someone that you will be working with and spending money on their services, so you need to do the best to keep your business healthy and have all of your bases covered. The last thing that you will want to do is hire someone for the job and then find out that you are not compatible with them at all, as it can lead to difficulty throughout the patent process.

Through it all, you will find that arming yourself with a great deal of information during the interview will help you to make a smart decision. Determining the relationship and whether or not this is a highly experienced attorney will go a long way toward helping you to have the results you are looking for with your patent protection process.

Patent Laws In Your Local City and State

When it comes to protecting ideas, there must be contradictions and a break in the law. To address these cases, national patent laws have been developed, making patents a regional case. Since the patent gives an inventor nearly 20 years to launch and operate the idea, others are excluded during this period of time from making a patent idea that is not their property, use, sale or attempt to import it.  If you are trying to find a local patent law firm, be sure to start by searching in your local area, and an easy place to start is on Google. If you live in southern Florida for example, you may go online and search for trademark attorney Naples, Florida. You will then have a wide variety of companies to choose from. Start by looking into reviews and determining which companies you may want to contact. Then start calling each firm and schedule at least 3 appointments with different companies. You then can compare and contrast the cost and styles of each patent and trademark lawyer.

The law provides that a patent is a limited part of the property, which grants the patent holder certain rights. Like anything else owned, the patent can be sold, licensed, assigned to another person, transferred, presented as a gift or forgotten until the time period ends.


Obtain a patent

Once you contact the appropriate Patent Office, you will submit a written request. The information needed to complete such a form deals with the specific details of your invention. This application will also include several claim forms and other security measures. If the application passes with flight colors, it is granted a patent.

The patent gives you an exclusive right to solve the problems of the idea of ​​a product or device, a material or method that is new or useful to the public or can be used at the industrial level. This concession is granted by the state and when it is accepted, it will become a patent holder. This right to create the second best thing is granted over a fixed period of time, usually lasting up to 20 years.

What do you do for a patent?

Let’s say you’ve come up with a formula to create a new medicine to treat colds. When you obtain a patent, you can prevent others from making, using, selling, or importing your claim. Although you have permission to market this idea as your own idea, it does not give you the right to start making this new property, use it or sell it yourself. This is because there are other rules and laws to follow when it comes to creating an invention. For example, with pharmaceutical claims, you may receive a patent for a new drug, but you will also need regulatory approval to market it.